What would your ideal art program include?

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Hello fellow art educators,

I’m the 1st through 8th grade art teacher at a fairly wealthy private school. Currently, I’m a cart teacher, but recently we’ve gotten a new principal who wishes to expand our campus, and consequently expand the art department (including having an art room and a secondary art teacher). I’m very excited and I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot, as he’s interested in my ideas about what our new art room/program would look like/include. So far, we’ve briefly talked about having a kiln, and he’s interested in having a gallery space for student artwork.

Here’s my question for you guys, what would your ideal wish list for an art room/program (one primary, one secondary) be? Do you know any online resources for art room layouts/kiln requirements (like ventilation/fire codes)?

Any suggestions/ideas would be welcome. The new principal is a big ideas kind of guy, so the sky is the limit – help me dream big! Thanks!

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