What did you wish you knew before you became an art teacher? Do you have any advice for someone who decided they wanted to become an art teacher after undergrad?

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Hey everyone!

I’m a little bit of a “late bloomer” in that I didn’t realize I wanted to get into teaching until my final year of undergrad as an art major.

I have only a couple of months left until I’m finished with my fine arts degree, so I’m currently looking into alternative certification programs in my state (I’m in Texas).

I’m planning on finishing my bachelors degree first and then starting an alternative certification program in January of next year.

I don’t have any experience teaching or any experience in childcare, etc.

However, I felt it’d be best to open up the discussion and ask for some advice.

Do you have any advice for what I can do between now and next year that’ll prepare me for the process of becoming a teacher?

Should I work part time at a local Montessori or Charter school near me to gain experience? There are a couple near me looking for substitute or part time teachers, including people who don’t have experience.

But most importantly, is there anything you wish you knew before you went into art education that you’d tell your younger self?

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