Preparing to Leave a Position I love

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I currently work at a recreational center (free to the public) where I’ve built the art program from the ground up. (Flashback to the early days of art on a cart and no walls). We now have designated classroom space, a functioning kiln/glaze space with pottery wheels, etc. Additionally I have mid-day art classes with homeschool students. (We do all sorts of crafts/arts in the space).

However, my husband’s job is likely taking us out of state and to a new area at the end of the school year.

My questions:

1) What would you want to find/need in a space/classroom to confidently come in and run an art program? (i.e., should I make a procedures manual? best practices book?)

2) I’m hoping to train my replacement, but if I can’t, how do I leave the room?! Do I pack things up? Do I leave it all as is and hope for the best?

3) How do I get over the heartache of leaving this thing I had such a hand in crafting and make happen for this community?

4) How do I handle the heartbreak of leaving so many students I’ve come to love?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

TLDR; love my job, don’t know how to say goodbye

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