Adventures in Middle School Art

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I have new students for second semester after I was hired in late September to take over other classes from long term subs in a class that was invented to give the school IB status. The last students I had as can be imagined weren’t the best. Three girls I found out last week still resent me for disciplinary action I gave them. My newer students are better because they had other teachers for the whole of last semester

I’ve had three evaluations so far which have been decent. My principal assumes because of this transition my classroom management has greatly improved even though it’s largely the students coming to me fresh unlike the last situation they created by hiring someone so late. I’m frustrated with him because he makes these assumptions and clearly didn’t understand how frustrating and challenging it was to start in the mess they created with that. Because of the chaotic situation and political reasons my job was even created I’m coming to the conclusion I’m going to finish the year and not return non-reelected or not. Middle school I find I like a little, but is too full of babysitting and issues for me to be permanently interested in it. I’m on a temporary contract also so I was never sure I was going to have a second year anyway or my position would exist. Right now I’m sort of just at the point that I’m glad in May my credential will be cleared and I can make other decisions.

I have been working on a multiple subject credential and will likely activate it. A mentor teacher to me suggested considering high school positions in the future because they are a bit less dramatic and needy. I will observing a high school teacher in two weeks to see if I like this type of environment or not.

Right now I am looking for advice about concluding the year and just ending in a positive manner. I have two or three classes that have come into class chatty on the third week and I need a way to calm them down as they enter. The classes get chatty and I have to stop to quiet them it seems like a dozen times during the class. It’s the one I have that doesn’t rotate after lunch every day and another with about eight English learners. I’ve tried different warm ups where they do a drawing prompt randomly picked for the day that are timed during the last three weeks of the previous semester, they didn’t work as I wanted too. I’m looking for other ideas that could help me.

Another issue I found today was probably one of my eighth grade students writing with a pencil “Fuck you, Mr…” on the bottom of a coloring container. This is the first time this has happened to me in almost five months being there. Now I am looking for ways to document who this was even though I’m pretty sure I know and to prevent it from occurring in the future.

Overall I am just looking for general advise for me career and ways also to improve classroom management and handle situations of students being so chatty.

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